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Round and round in gender circles

The Thunder: Perfect Mind: A New Translation and Introductionby Hal Taussig, 2010
I am researching this and other works from the period for my own interest. When I started to read this book, I was carried along by the enthusiasm (there's heaps of it) of the writers and the genuinely interesting take they have on this Coptic tractate. The analysis runs for nearly one hundred pages and by about half way through I had the uncanny feeling of déjà vu, that I was reading the same stuff over and over, only worded a little differently. In fact the authors keep repeating their key points and they love long mouthfuls of wordfull wordy words. For example (p94):   Through the combination of its overwhelming ironies, the focus on the "I," and its endlessly elaborative and improvisational rhythm, it opens up a space for provisional and embodied identities beyond the dominant presumption.   I think they may have been talking about their own writing.

Hal Taussig and co. have certainly put…