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GTD and Autofocus in GQueues

My daughter recently enrolled in a Bachelors course in Health Science as she plans to become a Naturopath.  With a tendency to procrastinate like her father, she sent me some podcasts by Michael Hyatt as well as a couple of introductory animated videos about the GTD system that she was enthused by.  A week later she came up to the house for a day to study and use our computer resources to print her assignments.  We chatted about our time management struggles and she was excited to show me Nozbe, an GTD-friendly app on her Android tablet that she had embraced.   I was very impressed and immediately set up the system on my PC and on my phone too.  I spent the next weekend laboriously loading my scattered to-do list and plans, tweaking the app to function as a GTD "trusted system".

I stuck with Nozbe for about 3 weeks, but found it to be a bit clunky and awkward.  Also too expensive at over $120 (Australian) per year, so I searched for something better, finally deciding to try G…